A small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. It is the only thing that ever has .

– Margaret Mead

Let's work together

We use our knowledge and experience to support business owners and management to recognize and prioritize goal to maximize profits with purpose, to be the best they can be.

Custom Consulting


1:1 Custom Consulting

Suitable for Business Owners who want 360-degree transformation using our signature Heart-to-Biz Framework. This is a 3-6 months engagement where we become an extension to your CXO team and work closely with you on the business.

  • Gap Analysis – SWOT, Competitor Mapping, etc.
  • Redefining your brand message and offering
  • Channel Management and Expansion
  • Optimising your systems and resources
  • Build strategies to amplify and exponentially grow
  • Maximizing value using the lean model to plug profit leaks
  • Digital transformation using tech intervention

Group Sessions

Suitable for Business owners who want to be part of a community learning experience with other like-minded people who would want to create a significant impact with heart.

  • This is a 10-week signature 3-step Heart to Biz framework designed to work on the fundamental pillars of your business: Systems, Skills, and Structure to scale your business. Create a proactive business elevation plan to transform your business. Contact Us for an upcoming batch.


Suitable for Business Owners and management who want quick inspiration and transformation ideas.

We run workshops on

  • Visioning exercises and goal setting
  • Identifying Ideal Customers and creating buyer personas
  • Bootcamp on a Content Strategy that echoes magnetic messaging
  • Keeping up with Market Trends in Retail
  • Relevant Success metrics in Retail and E-commerce
  • Creating Lean and Sustainable Systems in Retail
  • How to adapt Heart-Centric Strategies in your business?

Speaking Engagements

Learn more below about our collaborative thought leaders and speakers and how they can inspire your audience, or explore our executive and leadership development coaching solutions for individuals, organizations, and companies worldwide.