What a cat taught me about common sense marketing? – Ankita Mehra

Yes!!! A cat can teach you a lot if you are willing to listen…

To date, I have been taught Marketing is about the 5 Ps – product, price, place, people and promotion.

So my new guest aka client in our house figured out soon that we are her ideal house aka agency i.e. we are cat people as she was fed once. Bam – Lead generated! Now it’s a matter of showing up every day and being present with permission. She sits outside our door doesn’t enter the house (permission marketing you see) and looks at each passing family member with her cute eyes communicating that she is hungry no cranky pitchy meowing. Once you have generated the lead it’s not about over pitching and selling. It’s about holding space to communicate the truth – hunger in this case.

A few days later she was over-enthusiastic doing a dance of joy, showing affection by rubbing around our legs that she is happy with the milk, bread and biscuits being provided. We even named her “Momo” & yes she came often multiple times a day. If one door was closed, she showed up on another door if not that a window. She knew how to get her work done. Both parties are happy with each other! One trick is to always allow the cat to approach you rather than forcing yourself on the cat when you feel like it. When the cat does approach, reward it with a few treats and let it leave as soon as it wants to. You should find that it comes to you a little sooner, and stays for a little longer, each time.

Until one day a lady passing by our home gave her cat food. She was overjoyed – wow this is it! She started leaving the food behind hunting out for better options. This is when your client shows there are better services out there and can get a little indifferent. Time to upskill my friend – we decided to bring some cat food to appease our cat. You guessed it right she didn’t ditch us.

Generally speaking, cats cannot be bothered by unconditional love. They have their own mind – they come and go at their will. They operate from a place of independence, control, and command. Cats may judge our behaviours and show disdain for our attempts at garnering attention.

To capture our cat’s attention (aka client) the surefire way is to show them the right content at the right time. Its about creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and product, where they naturally want to be.”

When you’re answering the questions someone has at their individual stage in the customer’s journey, you’re not interrupting their life. You’re just showing up with the cat food when they’re really hungry.

Be a curious cat & not a copycat!

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