“One day”.. I will…that day is today! – Zarine Ninan

These are my “One Day” Shorts!! The “One day” I will wear them ones!

I finally fit into them, I actually started fitting into them a couple of months back, but I was not yet feeling the confidence to carry it off. I bought these running shorts over 12 years ago, not fitting into them even when I tried them on at the store, but I still bought it because I loved them and said that “One day” I will fit into it. And now after many years and many kilos gained and lost, I finally allowed myself the joy of wearing them! Not because of any other reason, but because I told myself that I am ready. I am ready to love myself the way I am and stop being overtly critical of my own body, I am ready to not hold myself back to the judgement of others (what is she wearing! How short are these shorts!), I am ready to accept all of me- the good and the bad.

I have always wanted to be a runner, in my head it is the ultimate freedom. But never have I felt more like a runner than in the last 2 months, when I decided that I was going to do it! It started with a conscious Identity shift (a technique I learnt from @VishenLakhiani from #MindValley), moving from I am not a runner, to I am a runner. A solid decision that meant that if I believe I am a runner, I have to do what runners do, that is run! Showing up, even if it is late at night, or early in the morning. This pic was taken after getting only 03.45 hrs of sleep the previous night. Runners do that.

I also decided to enroll in the Goa River 10k Run 2 months ago, to help spur me on in my running journey (a deadline always helps propel action). From not being able to run even 1 Km to now running 10km in this short span, has been a personal victory.

I share my learning along the way-

  1. Show up to exercise, even if I can only walk that day. Movement is essential.
  2. Being grateful for my body and my legs. Instead of thinking of my thunder thighs that I have had all my life, I now appreciate its strength and where all it has taken me.
  3. Get an accountability partner, your success and failure becomes so much more fun, when you have someone to witness it with you, even if he or she is many miles away.. @NavreetSarkaria – my virtual running buddy.
  4. Get a coach- In my case a great running app- I use the #NikeRunClub, and I enjoy the guided runs, I am a succor for a good coach and they have the best. So happy that technology allows us to reach them so easily.
  5. Get some great looking sportswear- look good, feel good, run better!
  6. Own that identity. You are what you say you are.
  7. The start of the run is always the hardest. Keep your clothes ready the previous night, especially if it is a morning run. Sometime small hurdles make us not commit to bigger targets.
  8. There are places when the going gets tough, remind yourself that this will pass. In fact listen to a great song, to keep the energy high.
  9. It is sometimes scary, what if I don’t reach my goal? Being brave does not mean being fearless, being brave means working with your fears.
  10. Look around, enjoy the sights and the smells. Stop if you have to and breathe deep, the added oxygen keeps you going longer.

Now coming back to my shorts, all of us have that outfit we have kept aside in our wardrobes that we will wear “one day”. What will it take to make that one day a reality?