☕ Is Free Coffee A Carrot? 🥕- Zarine Ninan

📄 A recent article in the #nypost about a leading company in the banking sector spoke about how they were going to cut down on the free coffee that they were serving their employees during the pandemic to bring them back to the office, apparently now the fear of losing your job must be enough for you to return to the office. The banking sector has always been cut throat- hiring and firing at will. No mercy.

💰 Making money is serious business after all. When management thinks of its people as just a cog in the wheel, that is replaceable how does one bring in heart centricity?

 📊Do institutions that churn out millions of top dollars, have to work from a scarcity mindset to achieve top dollars. Don’t the universal laws of abundance work here? If these employees helped you have 2 great profitable years in spite of the lockdown, helped increase productivity by 3% during the lockdown, yet current inflation levels are making the management think about sacking them. Where did the extra money they made for you go… not into the free coffee of course!

🪓 How does one work amidst continuous job insecurity? Research indicates that job insecurity reduces both physical and mental health, increases burnout, reduces job satisfaction and decreases work performance. Some may argue that a little amount of insecurity is good, but studies have shown that to the contrary any amount of job insecurity is not good as it directly impacts productivity and creativity, negatively.

👔 These employees were fine when you hired them even after probation, what happened later? Does the organization take responsibility in their growth or is it solely meant for the top 2%. Knowing what gets your employees going takes an effort, and it not about the coffee. It’s about understanding their personal goals, what drives them, what pushes them to exceed their own limits, supporting them when times are tough, after all they stood by the organization when things were falling apart in their own world during the pandemic.

💛I am not trying to paint a rosy picture, but when management feels that the fear of losing a job should be reason enough for someone to show up to work, its time to wake up and smell the coffee. Times are changing, the management needs to work a lot harder to keep top talent and create a work place where people are seen, nurtured and supported, because there are companies out there disrupting the old-world order and the people working there are filled with passion and drive, creating and pushing boundaries of excellence, that comes with countless hours of work put in by people who are not there for the coffee, nor the carrot.

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